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  • What kind of products do you handle?
    We mainly deal with beauty products (cosmetics, health foods, beauty equipment) that can be handled at beauty salons and beauty salons. We also undertake contract manufacturing of OEM and ODM products.
  • How should I handle the products?
    First, we will exchange a contract with the salon or agency. There are no trading quotas. You can trade with confidence from a small amount. Our sales representative will explain the details.
  • There is a product that I am interested in. Can I get a sample?
    Although it depends on the product, there are many products that have samples available, so please feel free to contact us.
  • If you handle the product, can you explain how to use it and the features of the product?
    Sales will explain in detail to the desired salon and company. Instructor training is available for treatments that involve manual techniques.
  • Please tell me about the shipping fee.
    If the order is placed by a salon, shipping is free for orders with a total salon price of 10,000 yen or more (excluding tax).
  • How many days will it take to receive the product after ordering?
    Usually, orders placed by noon will be shipped the same day, excluding weekends and holidays. Orders after noon will be shipped the next business day. Depending on the region, it will arrive the next day or the day after next.
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